Gov. Terry McAuliffe Accuses Virginia’s Catholic Bishops and Other Religious Leaders of Engendering Fear and Paranoia

This Catholic News Agency report of the Virginia Governor’s statement vetoing the bill passed by both Houses of the State Government to protect the religious freedom of Churches and religious institutions says it all:

“Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, vetoed the bill on live radio Wednesday. He claimed that signing the bill would be “making Virginia unwelcome to same-sex couples, while artificially engendering a sense of fear and persecution among our religious communities.” (my emphasis)

Could it be any clearer that Gov. McAuliffe is accusing supporters of the bill, including Virginia’s Catholic Bishops of being paranoid themselves and engendering fear and paranoia in their religious communities? McAuliffe, who has long been a supporter of full blown abortion rights, is now siding with those who are attacking religious freedom, while accusing those trying to defend their freedom of being paranoid and fear mongers. The Governor needed to be censured long ago for his abortion rights advocay, but he wasn’t, and so now he feels quite confident in undercuting the Church’s religious freedom while accusing its leaders of downright paranoia and irresponsible fear mongering among their flocks.

Perhaps McAuliffe’s deeper reason for the veto, however, came out when he cited the opposition of corporation leaders to the bill, saying this protection of religious freedom was “bad for business.” Obviously, what corporations think is good or bad for business has to be a ruling principle in such matters for McAuliffe. After all, what is good for business is always good for the country, according to the old saw of Charles Wilson. Perhaps that’s why we have endless wars and prodigious abortion, contraception, pornography, drugs, whatever. They are all big money makers for various businesses. Now it’s evidently good for business and the country to crush religious freedom. What rights are next to go?


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