The Demonic Let Loose in Newtown

Fr. Mark Pilon

For days I waited for a single suggestion that the real cause behind this hideous massacre of children and adults was ultimately the demonic influence. I heard and read endless pointing to guns, the mental condition of the perpetrator, the influence of violence in the media and computer games. All of this probably had some validity, some element of causal influence, but I never heard anyone suggest the likely role of the demonic power who still rules in this world, until today, when Laura Ingram, a radio talk show host made the point during an interview on Cable TV.

How could this explanation be missed? I don’t think it would have been missed all that many years ago. But today, to mention the demonic in anything but a comic book context is seen to be out of contact with reality. It struck me almost immediately, when I read that the majority of victims, 20 of them, were little children. This was not simply a mass killing by a depraved young man. It won’t suffice for an answer to say that he suffered from a kind of autism because autistic children no more than any other children are inclined to be mass killers. The children are the clue.

Perhaps this was apparent to me because I see the demonic in the mass killing of children in the womb. I’m not saying that mothers who have abortions are possessed by the devil, nor even that this young man was strictly speaking possessed. But nonetheless there is no question in my mind that the evil one whom Jesus said was a murderer from the beginning is behind all this killing of innocent children, born or unborn. Satan’s influence is not simply effected through immediate possession of souls, but it certainly affected through the culture of death that is present in things like pornography, video games, abortion and euthanasia. The connection between abortion and euthanasia and this killing was also suggested yesterday by a radio commentator, who made no effort to draw direct links but simply insisted that there had to be a connection between the loss of respect for the sanctity of life involved in abortion and euthanasia and the loss of life seen in these mass killings, especially of children.

The reality is that Satan hates innocence, whether it was the innocence of our first parents in paradise or the innocence of these little children who were slaughtered by this gunman in Sandy Hook Elementary. The extreme hatred of innocent life, the demonic element, can be seen most clearly in the fact that many of those children were shot multiple times, the killer obviously taking pleasure in the destruction of their innocent lives. That is truly demonic. That is a telltale sign that the demon is in the shadows and is definitely influencing the slaughter of the innocents.

Where did that demonic influence begin to work on this young man’s soul? It will not surprise me if the investigators find pornography on the hard drive of the perpetrator. All these mass killers in our day have this one thing in common, that they are addicted to pornography. Sex and death are united wherever sex and life are divided, and they are never more divided than in pornography. This division between sex and life, sex and marriage began with contraception, but it soon found its unnatural offspring in pornography, which is certainly a linchpin connecting sexual addiction and death. What a combination we have in pornography and guns; it’s not guns alone that causes these crimes, as the liberals would have it, but the connection between sexual obsession divorced from life, an obsession that opens the path to the demonic influence to destroy innocent life, which liberals are blind to. Poison the mind with this ultimate culture of death, and you have the real possibility of mass murder.

Satan does not need to directly possess the individual soul to work his evil will. He does it through possessing elements of culture and cultural transmitters that step by step lead to violence in the extreme. The disturbed young man may have needed a doctor, but a doctor would not have stopped the demonic influence. Only the spiritual curing of our culture will do that. Meanwhile parents should get rid of the violent games and vigilantly protect their homes and children from the demonic influence of pornography. That’s at least a good beginning.


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